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An uptempo night out

The Ivy Foundry opens all the registers with a headline-grabbing Garalde.

IvyOra: An alternate to Caslon that isn’t another Caslon!

For Ivy’s latest family, Jan Maack drew inspiration from the same Dutch fount as William Caslon. The result is a set of fonts that can be used not only instead of typical Caslons, but also in places Caslon can’t go:…

Ivy à la mode

Originally intended as a high-contrast companion for IvyJournal, Jan Maack’s IvyMode dropped its serifs and picked up its own name. Now it’s ready to vogue.

Ivy crops up at Type Network

Named after the hedera symbol, or what Robert Bringhurst calls a “horticultural dingbat,” The Ivy Foundry offers a cool quartet of type designs from Denmark.